I'm a (recovering) perfectionist that thrives off to do lists ✅

3 things I could eat for the rest of my life: churros, Krispy Kremes and butter 🧈

I’m a Kiwi 🥝 born in Auckland now living in Sydney

♒︎ Aquarius Sun
♉︎ Taurus Moon
♈︎ Aries Rising

Get to know me

Hola! I’m Sarah. Designer, Strategist, Sydneysider and Aquarius. I’m your creative partner, here to tell your story with head turning, heart thumping visuals. With a Bachelor of Visual Communication in Design from the University of Technology Sydney, I have been designing for more than 7 years. I believe that your business is an extension of who you are. Your website is a powerful way to communicate that.

My goal is to transform your existing business into a thriving brand, through intentional strategy and powerful visual systems. My design evokes your personality, vibe and values, putting what makes you different into the spotlight. Branding & web design with me is a celebration of the mistakes, wins and rule-breaking that have brought you to this milestone. A visual fusion of your past and future. You’re one-of-a-kind and it’s time your visuals reflected that too.

Meet your new designer